Womankind | María María Acha-Kutscher | Palau de la Virreina | Centre de la Imatge.

Halfway between the archive, postproduction and fake, the works of María María Acha-Kutscher (Lima, 1968) aim to resignify those imaginaries that, since the invention of photography, built a discriminatory and criminalizing history of women, where women appear relegated to the background, within hegemonic and paternalistic stories. The exhibition includes eighteen photographic collages, in addition to the installation 365 Days (2012), which, as a diary, for a full year, traces a sequence of images in which the viewer is summoned to establish associations with her particular iconographies. The colored collages of Les Spectaculaires ,is about women who are pathologized as “abnormal” by the clinical, theological and social systems of the time. Derruidas (2011) shows two women in two architectural spaces in ruins, perhaps recovering some object before it is lost forever or perhaps saying goodbye to those who were their places of residence. The series 2 (2011), 3 (2012) and 4 (2013) constitute a tour of domestic rooms, places of socialization and areas of entertainment or knowledge in which we see 3 women in different attitudes, sometimes cover by certain pathos of melancholy, others deliberating or absorbed. Maybe 1 (2015) shows a woman who looks at the urban landscape from the cornice of a building. In the background you can see chimneys of factories, church pinnacles and roofs of houses. Her audacious silhouette stands in front to a industrial pollution sky and uniform clouds, against the productive pulse of the new capitalist cities.

Curator: Valentín Roma
Until 23 June, 2019

 Palau de la Virreina | Centre de la Imatge