Elena Asins

  Madrid, Spain 1940-Azpirotz, Navarra, Spain 2015.

Artist, writer, lecturer and art critic. Elena Asins studied at the School of Fine Arts in Paris, at the University of Stuttgart (Semiotics with professor Max Bense) at the Complutense University in Madrid (Centre of Calculus), at New School for Social Research (New York) and at Columbia University (Department of Computer Science: Computer Art), where she was invited as with the position of Visiting Scholar for the investigation of the digital application in plastic arts (computer art).

She has performed more than 40 individual exhibitions in different countries and has written and published essays on aesthetic and experimental poetry in publications specialized in art in Spain, France, Germany and the United States.

Her work is remarkable mainly for her rigor and coherence, for her independence of the fashion or the interests of the art market. Her two-dimensional and three-dimensional works can be found both in museums, private and public collections and in art investors. She has been awarded seven scholarships of national and international status and has given numerous courses and lectures on Contemporary Art in different universities and cultural centers.
Elena Asins was awarded the Gold Medal to the Merit on Fine Arts in 2006, in Spain.
In 2011 the MNCARS (Reina Sofia Museum) presented the solo exhibition:  Elena Asins “Fragments of Memory” and she was awarded the National Plastic Arts Prize.

One of her most important contributions has been her research on computing in art, in which she was pioneer in 1967 and studied with conceptual contributions, based on algorithms.
The last contributions of Elena Asins to the questions posed by the plastic arts are aimed at the concept of the town planning as aesthetics and as a necessity, at the concept of architecture as an essential art and at the aesthetic intercession in space and time.
The last 5 years of her life, Asins worked  exclusively on video and music, her latest work “Antigona by Sofocles”.

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