Denys Blacker

By focusing on the transformative and dynamic relationships of the material with the immaterial, between time and space, self and other and between the artist and the viewer, Blacker (London 1961) examines our individual and communal capacity for adaptability and contingency. Contingency can be understood literally as, ‘the absence of certainty in events”, but it can also mean ‘forming part of a larger group’. It is in this connection to the larger group, where Blacker explores the artistic, social and political implications of engaging with an embodied, intuitive way of knowing, concomitant with intention, concept and meaning. Blacker’s interest lies in the ways that we are interconnected with each other and with our environment. Her investigation has led her to develop connective processes that explore the boundaries between subject and object and between self and the other.  Blacker contemplates the contradictions that arise between our ontological projection into the world and our perception of being separate from it.


Denys Blacker is a visual artist whose practice spans performance art, drawing, sculpture and video.

She holds a BA (Hons) Fine Art, Sculpture from WSCAD, Surrey, England (1981-84) and an M.A. Fine Art, Sculpture from Chelsea School of Art, London, England (1984-85). At present, she is a PGR student at Northumbria University in her final year of a practice-led doctorate investigating Synchronicity and Consciousness in Improvisatory Performance Art Practice. She has presented her performance work for over 30 years in Spain and internationally. Recent performance works include Thin Ice at the Days of Performance in Lviv, (Ukraine), Ten at OUI Performance at York Guildhall (England), The Three Roses in the Interakcje Festival at Pietrkow Tribunlaski, Poland, Birds in the Head, a reinvention of the group performance Birds by Allan Kaprow, in collaboration with Fundació Antoni Tàpies and la Bonne in Barcelona, Extensions Series with the Wolf in the Winter, Museum of Art Oxford, England and at Fierce Festival, Birmingham, England.

Blacker has lived and worked in Spain since 1987 and has been making live art works internationally for over 30 years. In 2002, she co-founded Gresol, a non-profit making cultural association with the Dutch artist, Anet van de Elzen, and since then, she has organised over 20 International Performance art festivals in Girona and Barcelona, including FEM, an annual festival showcasing the work of women performance artists, now in its 16th edition. She collaborates with la Bonne, Women’s Cultural Centre in Barcelona coordinating Cara a Cara., an ongoing programme of performance art, interviews and residencies, to promote works by women.

She is a member of the international performance group The Wolf in the Winter and a founding member of the EU funded project ELAA (European Live Art Archive) based in the University of Girona. She is founder and coordinator of Corpologia, a performance practice meeting and a magazine of the same name. She collaborates with other organisations programming performance art and live art events including; the Cicle d’Art d’Acció at Bòlit, Contemporary Art Centre in Girona and Flare (Forum for Live Art Research and Education) at the University of Northumbria (UK).

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