José Duarte

Born in  Cordoba (Spain), 1928 and dies in Madrid (Spain), 2017.

Co-founder  and member of Equipo 57. Other founders are  Juan Cuenca, Ángel Duarte, Agustín Ibarrola, Jorge Oteiza, Juan Serrano.

In 1957 the group makes public, through a manifesto, their artistic purposes: the denunciation of production and market mechanisms, the desire to renew the current artistic situation and the search for a social function to art and the integration of the artist in society. With this they are part of an activist attitude that is characteristic of these avant-garde groups and – in the words of Ángel Llorente – their work “shows the alternative that led the Equipo: the defence of a new artistic behaviour in society. An assumed social commitment, although there are some contradictions, regarding the artistic practice of geometric abstraction.” To carry out these objectives, this group became interested in rationalistic and analytical tendencies which carried the strong stamp of scientific approaches.

Co-founder  and member of  Estampa Popular, and taking part of the all exhibitions in Spain and abroad. It is the beginnig of his figurative works, expresionist, at producing personal artistic work with a strong social content.

Duarte changed the subeject of his art works when Spain, in 1982, cemented the democracy.

In 2013 presented a Solo Exhibition in Sala Vimcorsa (Córdoba, Spain),  Vivir desde las Entrañas, Jose Duarte. Curator: Angustias Freijo. Download pdf.

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