Mónica Sánchez-Robles

Born in 1964 in Madrid, Spain.

She studied Fine Arts at Complutense University (Madrid) and graduated in 1987. Afterwards, she studied photography at EFTI (Madrid). During these years, she developed an extensive practice in digital photography techniques.

After having worked for years in Spain, Italy and France, with exhibitions in Madrid and Paris, she continued her training in a post-graduate course in painting and photography at Parsons Paris.

Currently she works and lives in Madrid, practicing photography, drawing and other disciplines in her own study and traveling to develop new projects. She is working with art galleries in Madrid, Paris, Málaga and Marbella.

Nowadays she continues her research linked to the interior light and color of emotions. The first part of this project was showed in 2013, and the second part was presented in May 2016 in a exhibition “Luz interior | Color of emotions”,  in Freijo Gallery.

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