Nieves Correa

Born in Madrid in 1960. Graduated in Art History, she has trained, among others, with Concha Jeréz, Isidoro Valcarcel Medina and Antoni Muntadas.

She began his career in Action and Performance Art in the late eighties and since then she has participated in festivals and meetings in Europe mainly but also in Canada, Ecuador, Argentina, Uruguay and Japan.

Since 1990 she has organized festivals and performance programs independently and as a curatorl, among them Acción!MAD – International Meeting of Action Art which she is director since 2003.

“My performances are always related to the space in which they happen, I like to explore and exploit the physical and / or symbolic possibilities of the place where I work; and that space helps me to make shape to the formal structure of my proposals.

It is possible that a material, a situation or an obsession triggers a process, and from that first approach I build the performance from a formal perspective analyzing the time, the space, my presence, the audience, the material…

Each time I work with fewer objects, and in the process of creation I “clean” the performance so that everything I use or everything that happens responds to the internal logic of its formal construction. I like to explore the possibilities of a single material, a single situation, a single idea. ”

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