Rocío Garriga

Rocío Garriga  (Spain, 1984) uses sculpture, photography, painting and written texts to show that there is more into them than its very nature. She tries to link art, history and literature meditating about the limits between what is said and what is seen. Her poetic and metaphorical pieces of work are very close to the ideas of silence, indetermination and potentiality.

She is artist, professor and, researcher, she achieved her Doctorate in Fine Arts (CUM LAUDE with International Mention) from Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV). Doctoral Thesis: “Silence as understanding, cognitive and structural limit: an aesthetic reading on contemporary art”. Supervisors: Vicente Ponce Ferrer and Miguel Molina Alarcón. Rocío has received several grants and fellowships by different entities for her artistic work and research. In 2008 Excellence Grant (UPV) for Master Artistic Production. 2009-2012: Fellowship Formation and Teaching University in Arts(FPU). In 2009 the DKV Grand Tour Grant: residency for research and artistic production in New York. 2010: residency for artistic research in El Laboratoire Cultures et Sociétés in Europe in the University of Strasburg. During 2011 and 2012 she was artist and researcher invited by the Centre for Research & Development, Fine Arts Faculty, University of Brighton.

Recent publications: “RESONANT SPACES: from the soundscapes of the trenches to the hearing of silence in Alfonso Reyes and John Cage”, in: Revista Espacio, Tiempo y Forma. Serie VII. Historia del Arte, 2016. “Little Nothings: use of the notion of silence to create and interpret”, in: Educación, arte, comunicación. EAC: Revista Académica, Investigativa y Cultural, 2014. Invited Conferences: 4º Art Nomade. Rencontre Internationale d’Art Performance (Québec), 2015. Congreso Internacional Silencio/s en la Historia de las Ideas (Valencia), 2014. 4º Sons Creativos. Musica e Natureza (Lugo), 2012.

She is currently finishing her Degree in Philosophy (University of Valencia). She continues developing her artistic production in the city of Valencia and, she is working as Associate Professor in Fine Arts, University of Zaragoza.
In 2015,  Freijo Galley presents her solo exhibition, PARAJES DE SILENCIO. CALIGRAFÍAS AFÓNICAS.

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