Mamotreto and Anti Narrations

It’s the first individual exhibition in Spain of the Mexican artist Ricardo Nicolayevsky (México, 1961).
In it we present his most recent work: Mamotreto, in which he summarizes, as a publication, his thoughts and experiences. This work of “contemporary visual poetry”, is dedicated to the women of his family (grandmothers, mother and sister).

They dialogue with Mamotreto several videos, presented in different formats of projection, that belong to the decade of the 80’s, when the artist lived in New York. They are experimental films in which, in many of them, the artist also composes the music. They have the aroma of portraits, of their friends, of their surroundings, of the city of New York, and of the madness in which they were immersed.
Recently, MoMA acquired a significant number of this Nicolayevsky collection. We present some of them.

Accompany these works, very unique photographs, that bring us closer to this filmmaker artist.