LZ46 | Disipaciones | April, 26th – May, 14th, 2019

The exhibition Disipaciones presented in space LZ46 by the Mexican artist Gina Arizpe (1972) focuses in the research on the phenomenon of internal migration in Mexico, specifically the displacement of indigenous women that live in Mexico City.
The exhibition is composed of two installations. The first is entitled Datos Frios and consists of 20 drawings made on paper (tracing paper) with thread that show us an abstraction on the official data of the internal migratory movements of the Mexican population.
The second installation, Trazos Migratorios, is made up of 24 pieces of cloth (called in Mexico espalda de indio) embroidered by hand by 24 women who work as sellers in the streets of Mexico City.

The work of Gina Arizpe during the last years has been an immersion in the urban dynamics in order to reveal what tends to be invisible. This strategy consists in expose the failures of social structures. A couple of examples of this way of working are: the project Facturas Sociales, in which for a while she toured Skid Row in L. A. in search of the dispossessed who sleep in the streets in order to generate exchanges with them.
In another of her work, En la calle/cuerpo cubierto, she takes the place of the bodies of those who sleep where the night finds them with the meager shelter as a sheet; by showing herself on the covered ground in the same way, Gina Arizpe evidenced those presences.

The work of this artist focuses on the research and questioning the physical and social limits to which the human body is submitted in contemporary societies. With strong socio-political engagement her visual production explores peripheral social contexts.


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