Documentary evidence. The power of the image in Dario Villalba | May, 31th – July, 25th, 2014

OFF Festival. PHE 14

Excerpt from the catalogue text by Francisco Calvo Serraller:

…. “This show focuses on a piece entitled Demented (1974), from the Faces series, which perfectly encapsulates Darío Villalba’s career: whilst clearly engaging with his earlier concerns, it also offers a foretaste of his latest project, Basic Documents, also on show in this exhibition entitled Documentary evidence. The Power of the Image in Darío Villalba, thus serving as a bridge between the two periods. Though chrysalis-like and three-dimensional, Demented is nonetheless a flat piece; this enhances its iconic feel, as though it were an image from an altarpiece, which again stresses its sacred, cultic nature. This strikes me as important, in that by slimming down its tension, Villalba actually heightens its dramatic impact, its fleshly presence. The fact that it is surrounded by a jaculatory series of Basic Documents which function like the vignettes of a Via Crucis, giving us a better sense of the transient nature of the human condition. Indeed, this whole iconic set highlights both the value of human life as something at once unique and shared, and the value of the work of art, that can be multiplied without losing its uniqueness.”…

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