Like a silent poet | February, 12th – March, 29th, 2014

Curator: Manuel G. Freijo

Painting versus poetry: the debate has raged since the Ancient Greeks. Plutarch preserved Simonides’ memorabledictum: “Poetry is a speaking picture, and painting a mute poetry”. The aphorism yokes two forms of artistic expression that share a single source: pathos, for the Greeks the seat of feelings and emotions. Several yearsearlier, Horace had remarked “As painting is, so is poetry”. The debate has resurfaced time and again throughout man’s history, from Da Vinci right through to today’s contemporary artists. Sidi El Karchi’s works on conventional supports—canvas or paper—conveys Hockney’s tranquillity but at the same time Bacon’s cruelty. They clearly reflects a search for silence; a silence he achieves, above all, by isolating the human figure, and by focussing his gaze on the human condition, on pathos.

Simonides: Poema pictura loquens, pictura poema silens
Horace: Ut pictura poesis.