The hunter | September, 15th – October, 29th, 2016

Alvaro Laiz (Spain, 1981)

The Hunter is a work in progress that began in 2013 with the collaboration between Alvaro Laiz and Cerezales Foundation, which has received another boost with the support of the Ideas Tap & Magnum Foundation and FotoVisura 2015 Award.
This the first time this works are exhibited in an art gallery.
Dersu Uzala (The Hunter) is the title of a book written by Vladimir Arsenyev, in which he wrote about his several visits to Eastern Russian south border. The guide who takes them through those territories is called Dersu Uzala, a nomadic hunter of the region. Its particular way of life, treating nature as equals, draws attention to the writer. The book is a classic in the Russian literature of the twentieth century.
In 1975, Akira Kurosawa, with the Russian producer Mosfilm, directs the film of the same name, earning an Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film.

The project is developed in the southeastern Russian boundary, particularly in the Primorje, which borders China, North Korea and the Sea of Japan.

Udege people have lived in the Boreal Jungle for hundreds of years. Due to their close contact with Nature, their beliefs are filled with references to supernatural forces who shall be respected.  Due to the harsh nature of the weather.
One of the points that instills most respect and fear is the Siberian Tiger and its dark side: the amba. This animistic belief constitutes the leitmotiv to experience the impact of Nature in the Udege communities across one of the last remains of shamanism: the Russian Far East hunter’s culture. The struggle of survival in a hard weather environment.