Tiempos verbales | September, 14th – November, 4th, 2017

Los Torreznos solo exhibition Tiempos verbales, opens at Freijo Gallery on September 14, 7pm. The show will be part of Madrid Gallery Weekend’s program.In Tiempos verbales, Los Torreznos are illustrating the story of a road trip across the United States. The narrative focuses on the dialogue between two characters that both use a different verb tense of the Spanish language in each frame.

The Torreznos do not analyze reality; they present it in all it possible verbal forms:
present, future, past, participle, gerund. Los Torreznos are not a noun,they are a
verb that must be conjugated -turreznar, torreznado, torreznaré, torreznando.

Fragmento del texto Escribir sobre Los Torreznos es fácil de Ferrán Barenblit.
Publicado en el catálogo de la exposición presentada en 2014 en el CA2M.

Los Torreznos act themselves as a weapon of communication targeting the social, political and social manners. Their work centers the expressive experimentation in themes of the ordinary and common world. This makes them easy to access or understand for a wide public, not only art specialists. Their sense of humor, present all along their work, tries to explain the daily culture, what anyone could experiment solely by living. They are performers, but also express themselves in several media, such as video or sound art.

Although Los Torreznos are formed in 1999, Rafael Lamata and Jaime Vallalure realized multiple works together previous to this date. They were part of the experimental group called Circo Interior Bruto (Interiour Brute Circus), and also active part of Zona de Accion Temporal (ZAT) (Temporary Action Zone) 1997/98.

They have shown their works in various events and festivals, like: Hausemechine, Essen,Germany. Rencontre internationale drte de la performance de Quebeq, Canada Festival In-presentables, La Casa Encendida, Madrid. BIDA Bienal Internacional del Deporte en el Arte, Sevilla. Acción!MAD Encuentro Internacional de Arte de Acción, de Madrid. 52nd Edition of the Biennale di Venezia, Italia. 5th Edition da Mostra de Rendimiento Verbo. Sao Paulo- Brasil. PHX: Festival Fringe PHOENIX Arizona. Muestra Internacional de Arte en Vivo Les Halles, Brussels, Glasgow. Festival MAPA, Girona. Escena Contemporánea, Madrid, Artifariti, Sahara, Argelia, la Fundation Serralves, Oporto, Portugal, among others.

 ABC Cultural Review, Fernando Castro Flores, October 5th, 2017.