Love and memory | PHotoEspaña 2019 | June, 4th – August, 3rd


Amor y Memoria is an individual exhibition by Marisa González (Spain, 1945) that delves into this binomial – Love and Memory – through nature and its encounter with certain aspects of technolo-gy conceivable as a tool of science.
In 1992 Marisa Gonzalez directs the art workshop The Poetics of Technology at the Círculo de Bellas Artes in Madrid, in which Sonia Sheridan, founder of Generative Systems and the inventor and student of GS John Dunn inventor of the graphic system Lumena —was included in the in-augural exhibition of Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía Processes Culture and New Technologies (1986)— and John Dunn develops a daily session open to the public entitled Con-cert: Photo-Video Computer. Sonia Sheridan donated her computer equipment Lumena to which we refer to Marisa Gonzalez, with whom she made a extensive series of portraits to the members of the creative scene in her performances sessions at her studio between 1992 and 1993, in which appear: Soledad Lorenzo, Rosina Gómez- Baeza, Pedro Garhel, Norberto Doctor, Enriqueta Antolín, Alicia Murría, Menene Gras, Lola Dopico, Joan Fontcuberta, Claudia Giannetti, Ana Mar-tínez Collado and José Luis Brea, Darío Corbeira, Carlos Jiménez, among others and that will be accompanied by the Lumena computer equipment.

Redouble her interest in the technological processes that affect our present, Marisa González realizes a photographic series between 2018 and 2019 entitled Transgénicos -Desviaciones (Transgenics-Deviations) a metaphor of enormous intensity through a body message of a series of fruits, that excluding verbal language, transmits through static images or moving images a vis-ual grammar that requires the perception and reinterpretation of the image to transmute her mes-sage. This hybrid process shows us, suggests or hides diverse abstract or evident meanings, to lead us to the subconscious or our conscious state of mind, generating a slice of sensations, perceptions and visual readings.


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