Inner light | Color of emotions | May, 28th – July, 16th, 2016

Selected exhibition in the Festival OFF . PHOTOESPAÑA-2016. 

The interiorization of feelings in a forest is a unique experience.
Coming out, I couldn’t stop thinking about flowers.
I thought of a small garden.
So I chose the flowers I liked, all different colors. I added their complementary colors; stripped them of color leaving them looking like abstract bodies; negativized them; tried to use them to talk about synesthesia, about the passage of time, about life cycles; I added a soundtrack, so that these independent pieces would together create a symphony.
An installation like a changing garden.  (Mónica Sánchez-Robles)

Mónica Sánchez-Robles (Madrid, 1964) draws us into spaces of silence and meditation, represented scenes from nature: the woodlands of Scotland, flowers…. And she bathes them in color, the essential element for expressing feelings and experiences.

This video installation comprises ten works presented as separate pieces on iPads. Each represents a flower, christened with a woman’s name; the fixed image of the flower changes color on a continuous loop, to a musical soundtrack of compositions by Rafael Arnau. The effect, enhanced by large-format photographs, is to immerse us in her plant world, a world where the photographed, familiar reality—now boldly flooded with primary colors—takes on an unexpected intensity.

Like a special appeal in the form of visual poetry, four LED pieces highlight words linked to emotions. – look, feel, calm and light-.
This show focuses on a key part of her ongoing doctoral thesis, entitled COLOR OF EMOTIONS, on which she has been working for several years.
The exhibition includes an interactive section: a new adaptation of the test to be found on her website , where viewers are invited to link basic emotions to colors; the findings will be applicable to various fields of color psychology.