Memory Works | May, 8th – June, 23th

In this exhibition the artist recovers different memories: On one side from Argentina. Marcelo Brodsky (Argentina, 1954) suffered the disappearance of his brother by the hands of the dictatorship. Numerous people went missing, and this artist’s work talks on their behalf.

He also puts the spotlight on the Spanish dictatorship. Following his line of work 1968: EL fuego de las ideas, the artist recovers forgotten pictures, in this case from the spanish dictatorship and intervenes them.

Memory works conects part of the artist’s former work El puente de la memoria with new works created exclusively for ths exhibition.

Brodsky works in order to bring grey pictures back to life and make the more real. With his work, he brings the expectator back to the time when they were taken. Demostrations led by those who, not that long time ago, looked forward clearly and saw every subversion act as the awakening of society.



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