Ockham´s Razor | September, 13th – October, 2th

Opening: 12th September. 6 to 11 pm
The artist will be present


The exhibition is a visual reflection on Ockham’s razor. Ockham’s razor is a principle of economy or principle of parsimony (lex parsimoniae), is a methodological and philosophical principle attributed to the Franciscan friar Guillermo de Ockham (1280-1349), according to which: Equal of conditions, the simplest explanation is usually the most plausible. This implies that, when two theories in equal conditions have the same consequences, the simplest theory is more presumable to be correct than the complex one. Ockham’s razor is not considered an irrefutable principle, and certainly not a scientific result. “The simplest and most sufficient explanation is the most probable, but not necessarily the true one.” The exhibition is articulated around three pieces and consists in casts of moulds obtained from three parts of the body of various homeless.
X- Casts obtained from this moulds of the back made in reinforced concrete and that will be placed on the floor and at the entrance of the gallery.
Y- A column of legs obtained from moulds of the same person and made with polyurethane foam.
Z- Arms made as handrails and made of exaduro plaster and iron.
The Exhibition The Ockham Razor by Ramón Mateos reflects on these current problems without falling into common banalitty, superficial or empty regards . On the contrary, his approach to the subject makes us reflect on the logic of power and its relationship with the socially excluded and our roll in this society.


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