Plural-Singular | January, 10th – March, 2nd, 2013

Preview: 9 January 2013, 7:00 pm

A multitude of spoons represent thousands of spermatozoids that refer to the appetite of nature for perpetuating itself. A couple of chairs are intimately merged by a desire to diversify. An old bar chair is dismantled by the artist and reconfigured according to the image of a skeleton, reminding us of the time we have left before reincorporating ourselves into a substance that is both plural and diverse.

Through these pieces Paul puts in perspective the lapse of time between the moment in which the body is made up and broken down, a moment that Baruch Spinoza described as a “characteristic relationship”. This unique relationship between various parts of a whole is that what defines us temporarily and individually.

Paul MuguetPaul Muguet. From the series “Origin”, 2012. Modified and painted coffee spoon. Photo: Paul Muguet.