Shapes. Art and Method – Juan Cuenca – | 13th December – 16th February 2019

” Space, Architecture and sculpture. Two trades that I have alternated since the activity of the Equipo 57, in the middle of the sixties of the last century. With attitudes, influences and constant transfers between both tasks. Full/empty, mass/space, two “materials” that model themselves and demonstrate in both arts. Permeability between both disciplines because of the geometry, the measure, the formal internal relationship… interbreed in the formal/spatial game of the work under the light.
Space, this so generic and so present term in my work, maybe because it opens new ways in the measure that attracts new dimensions connected to the time, to the discursive, to the sequential. The work claims displacement, to cross it, to surround it, to investigate it ahead and behind, the previous thing and the posterior and make understand intrinsic relations, geometries. (…)
The design. For me, it is another dedication parallel to the art and that I understand very related to the problems of the form, at the time that depends on the materials and the industrial processes, this referred both to the architecture and to the objects of use, because in both cases one attends to necessary utilization. “[1]

[1] Fragment of the text by Juan Cuenca for the exhibition catalog, Shapes. Arte and Method – Juan Cuenca – at Freijo Gallery, 2018-2019


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