Rocío Garriga. Bitácora, 2015.
Haciendo tiempo en 75 días de contrato, 2016.
74 noticias de un minuto de silencio, 2016.
Moebius’ sketch, 2016.

Silent places. Voiceless calligraphies | January, 24th – March, 6th, 2015

You darkness, that I come from,
I love you more than all the fires
that fence in the world.
Rilke. The Book of Hours.

Rocio Garriga’ s exhibition, Silent places. Voiceless Calligraphies is an essay, a search of those spaces which limits are relative, blurred, and even only apparent. These types of spaces are all around us, in us, and belong to us: each piece of work is an attempt to show or disclose (not to say) those spaces, that are created by silences and words, by texts and images.

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