Sustainable | June, 27th – July, 27th, 2018

SOSTENIBLE / SUSTAINABLE is a multidisciplinary project that presents the concept of building and discarding, two extremes of a devilish chain of production and consumption in which we live, which makes us pawns of a system capable of self-destruction.

This exhibition contains works that propose an approach to the concept of sustainability from both sides of the process, but closely connected to each other. Through the abstraction and resignification of the image, Miguel Ángel García poses a critical reflection on these issues and at the same time proposes a photographic formalization closer to the poetic than the document as an aesthetic strategy to seduce the viewer and bring him closer to the problem.

In dialogue and reflecting on garbage and development, we present the video La Poubelle by Felipe Ehrenberg, made after the garbage strike that took place in London in 1970.
An installation by Ramón Mateos completes this proposal.

One of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals states, “The objective of sustainable consumption and production is to do more and better things with fewer resources”. But for this to be possible it is necessary to overcome a systemic evil, which is the basis of the world economy: consume without limits, creating artificial needs. Thus, through ubiquitous advertising, the consumer becomes a dissatisfied stockist, based on an army of low-paid workers, exhausting resources, in a race to see who destroys the planet before.

Since July 10 the exhibition roams into a special collaboration with space NADIE, NUNCA, NADA, NO, in Lavapiés, Madrid.
The exhibition will remain open until July 27, from Monday to Friday from 12:00 to 19:00 without interruption.
Address: C / Amparo, 94, 28012, Madrid