The Mirror Rule | September, 13th – November, 3rd, 2018

Freijo Gallery will open a new space on September 13th, 2018.
The inaugural exhibition The mirror rule, is the second individual one of the artist Rocío Garriga in Freijo. The exhibition includes an artist’s book, a video and several photographic, sculptural and installation pieces.

The work of Rocío Garriga takes as axis the bombing suffered by the Warsaw Zoo in 1939 to reflect on the current distancing of living nature, and explore the thin veil we build between the ideas of the animal and the human. In this sense, the artist’s interest is not focused on what differentiates us but on what unites us. The use of the text, the repetition, the inherent energy to the presence of the object, the care for the details and the visual experience, are some of the resources that underline the poetics of her work.

Particularly, in the pieces included in this exhibition, an artistic research is distilled that incorporates traditional plastic languages, ways of doing that are identified with literature, cinema and the scene: this is the case of Sine Die, an audiovisual work plagued of metaphors that fold into the identification of the terms war and civilization, civilization and war. The mirror rule is, in short, a sum that computes multiple reflections, an attempt that explores the relationships of power and affection that we maintain with our environment, that does not pretend to moralize, but does remember that the opportunity of life is always linked to ecology conditions.

* This exhibition presents one of the zoos that are part of the Bombed Zoos project, a much broader proposal that our artist began to develop at the beginning of 2016 and in which she continues working.


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Article by Carlos Jimenez in Arte y Cultura Visual magazine